Long Eaton Silver Prize Band

Most Improved Player Award (Proactif Shield)

Inaugurated by David Cutting in 1991 as the Musical Director’s Progress Award.
1991 Lisa Balsom and Fred Pear  
1992 Elizabeth Leadley  
1993 Colin Millns  
1994 Lisa Balsom  
Reinstated by Sharon Stansfield in 2002, the winner receiving the ProActif Shield donated by Steve & Kim Larwood
2002 Iain Cooper percussion
2003 Kim Larwood tenor horn
2004 Melissa Ramplin cornet
2005 Emma Ramplin tenor horn
2006 Robert Stansfield Bb bass
2007 Deborah Redpath baritone
2008 Francesca Machin cornet
2009 Emma Ramplin euphonium
2010 Tracey Cooper cornet
2011 Hazel Rogers tenor trombone
2012 Sue Day tenor trombone
2013 Ben Measures percussion
2014 Helen Driscoll tenor trombone
2015 James Mayell cornet
2016 Ben Allen tenor horn
2017 Emma Jeddere-Fisher cornet