Long Eaton Silver Prize Band

Most Improved Training Band Player Award (Progress Shield)

Inaugurated in 2007, and awarded to the most improved member of the training band, the winner receiving the Progress Shield donated by the Long Eaton branch of the Cooperative Party in memory of three former members, Margaret Calladine, Ron Decker and Aubrey Wyatt and in recognition of their life-long commitment to the Co‑operative Movement.
2007 Rebecca Weller cornet
2008 Lewis Blackburn cornet
2009 John Warner cornet
2010 Ben Allen tenor horn
2011 Sarah Measures cornet
2012 Robert Burrows cornet
2013 Fred Aram cornet
2014 Carol Thomas euphonium
2015 William Dennis cornet
2016 John Brickles cornet
2017 Alice Clifford tenor trombone